Performance prediction of deep learning applications training in GPU as a service systems

Journal paper
31 March 2022
This paper proposes performance models to predict GPU-deployed neural networks (NNs) training. The proposed approach is based on machine learning and exploits two main sets of features, thus capturing both NNs properties and hardware characteristics.

A serverless gateway for event-driven machine learning inference in multiple clouds

Journal paper
15 December 2021
This paper presents a serverless web-based scientific gateway to execute the inference phase of previously trained machine learning and artificial intelligence models.

TaScaaS: A Multi-Tenant Serverless Task Scheduler and Load Balancer as a Service

Journal paper
03 September 2021
This work introduces TaScaaS, a highly scalable and completely serverless service deployed on AWS to distribute loosely coupled jobs among several computing infrastructures, and load balance them using a completely asynchronous approach to cope with the performance fluctuations with minimum impact in the execution time.

Network Function Decomposition and Offloading on Heterogeneous Networks With Programmable Data Planes

Journal paper
02 August 2021
This work presents a framework for the automatic deployment of disaggregated and decomposed network functions. The framework comprises an orchestrator capable of deploying the decomposed network functions on programmable network hardware and software switches running in containers.

PERUN: Confidential Multi-stakeholder Machine Learning Framework with Hardware Acceleration Support

Journal paper
14 July 2021
PERUN is a framework for confidential multi-stakeholder machine learning that allows users to make a trade-off between security and performance. PERUN executes ML training on hardware accelerators (e.g., GPU) while providing security guarantees using trusted computing technologies, such as trusted platform module and integrity measurement architecture.

Serverless Workflows for Containerised Applications in the Cloud Continuum

Journal paper
13 July 2021
The paper introduces an open-source platform to support serverless computing for scientific data-processing workflow-based applications across the Cloud continuum.
Demystifying Attestation in Intel Trust Domain Extensions via Formal Verification

Demystifying Attestation in Intel Trust Domain Extensions via Formal Verification

Journal paper
07 June 2021
This paper presents the work conducted in the area of Trust Domain Extensions (TDX) using ProVerif's specification language.