Formal Foundations for Intel SGX Data Center Attestation Primitives
Conference paper


Intel has recently offered third-party attestation services, called Data Center Attestation Primitives (DCAP), for a data center to create its own attestation infrastructure. These services address the availability concerns and improve the performance as compared to the remote attestation based on Enhanced Privacy ID (EPID). Practical developments, such as Hyperledger Avalon, have already planned to support DCAP in their roadmap. However, the lack of formal proof for DCAP leads to security concerns. To fill this gap, we propose an automated, rigorous, and sound formal approach to specify and verify the remote attestation based on Intel SGX DCAP under the assumption that there are no side-channel attacks and no vulnerabilities inside the enclave. In the proposed approach, the data center configuration and operational policies are specified to generate the symbolic model, and security goals are specified as security properties to produce verification results. The evaluation of non-Quoting Verification Enclave-based DCAP indicates that the confidentiality of secrets and integrity of data is preserved against a Dolev-Yao adversary in this technology. We also present a few of the many inconsistencies found in the existing literature on Intel SGX DCAP during formal specification.





ICFEM 2021 : International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods


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