Colony: Parallel Functions as a Service on the Cloud-Edge Continuum
Conference paper


Although smart devices markets are increasing their sales figures, their computing capabilities are not sufficient to provide good-enough-quality services. This paper proposes a solution to organise the devices within the Cloud-Edge Continuum in such a way that each one, as an autonomous individual –Agent–, processes events/data on its embedded compute resources while offering its computing capacity to the rest of the infrastructure in a Function-as-a-Service manner. Unlike other FaaS solutions, the described approach proposes to transparently convert the logic of such functions into task-based workflows backing on task-based programming models; thus, agents hosting the execution of the method generate the corresponding workflow and offloading part of the workload onto other agents to improve the overall service performance. On our prototype, the function-to-workflow transformation is performed by COMPSs; thus, developers can efficiently code applications of any of the three envisaged computing scenarios – sense-process-actuate, streaming and batch processing – throughout the whole Cloud-Edge Continuum without struggling with different frameworks specifically designed for each of them.





Euro-Par 2021


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