SCAR is a framework to transparently execute containers out of Docker images in AWS Lambda. It supports images from Docker Hub and it is integrated with an API Gateway to expose an application via a highly-available HTTP-based REST API that supports both synchronous and asynchronous invocations. It is also integrated with AWS Batch. SCAR allows to create serverless workflows by combining functions that run on either AWS Batch or AWS Lambda, thus effectively creating highly-scalable cross-services serverless workflows. It is also integrated with OSCAR using the same Functions Definition Language (FDL).


Open source/proprietary

Open source, under Apache 2.0. Available: http://github.com/grycap/scar



In SCAR’s underlying architecture the open-source udocker tool to run containers in user space is used to run containers within AWS Lambda. It can also use the native support for Docker images recently introduced in AWS Lambda. It is integrated with Amazon S3 so that 
file uploads to a bucket trigger the execution of a Lambda function in charge of performing the Docker image download and cache (typically from Docker Hub). The unpacked container is reused across Lambda function invocations.