GC Tech-Talks


About the GC Tech-Talks

The Tech-Talks provide a platform to discuss projects that have the potential to improve digital infrastructures and cloud services, as well as the use cases that rely on these infrastructures and services.


Topics to discuss during the Tech-Talks

  • Concepts, technologies or prototypical implementations that improve the sustainability of cloud  infrastructures and services;
  • Concepts or technologies to achieve interoperability, security, scalability and openness of cloud services in Multi-Cloud settings;
  • Initial implementation and prototypes of the concepts that are being jointly developed in communities such as Gaia-X;
  • Use cases that rely on Cloud services and determine the requirements that the next generation Cloud technologies must fulfill.


The event is hosted by Cloud&Heat, a European cloud provider and AI-SPRINT partner. Within the project, Cloud&Heat will provide infrastructure and computing resources (including GPUs) for the test and validation of the project’s use cases.

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