Embark on a learning journey with our brand-new MOOC course "Enabling AI at the Edge: design, security performance, and runtime management"

Course Overview:

Dive into the world of cloud computing - its growth, challenges, and the rising importance of edge computing. Learn the ins and outs of Edge AI, bridging the gap between cloud limitations and the need for real-time, intelligent responses.

Key Topics

  • Understanding Cloud Computing
  • Motivations behind Edge Computing
  • Overcoming Cloud Limitations
  • The Rise of Edge AI Globally

Course Schedule:

  • Edge AI Introduction
  • Explore the motivations behind edge computing
  • Challenges and opportunities in AI@edge
  • Uncover the role of AI edge devices
  • Technologies for Edge AI
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Dive into IaaS Cloud services
  • Learn about Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and DevOps

Why Join?

  • Gain insights into cutting-edge technologies
  • Understand the challenges and opportunities in AI@edge
  • Boost your expertise in Cloud Computing and Edge AI


Discover the Enabling AI at the Edge: design, security performance, and runtime management MOOC